William Stone

Excellent writer of quirky one liners.


William Stone cracks me up, he's got some belting gags that I wish I'd thought of. Highly recommended.

Angela Barnes

Hilarious one-liners and unmissable comedy joy.

Voice Magazine

William Stone is a fresh face on the comedy circuit, only joining in late 2015 and has had an astonishing number of performances in the short amount of time that he has been in the circuit. Within the first three years of entering the comedy scene, he had put on over 400 performances.

William is a stand up comedian, joke writer and comic actor based in Brighton. He was a finalist in both the 2018 BBC New Comedy Award and Leicester Square Theatre New Act of the Year.

Stuck somewhere between reality and dreams in the nineties, he navigates his way through life with one liners that highlight the absurdity of the mundane. Hilarious observational comedy.

He has appeared live on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4, written and starred in a sketch for BBC 3 Quickies and written additional material for Mock The Week and The News Quiz.

In 2019 he took his first solo comedy show Gathering Moss to Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.