Will Duggan

"A furry faced fraggle rockesque type of idiot. Much fun is had with this merchant of the mirth. He is a natural idiot, so relax and just laugh right at him" Just the Tonic
" Go and see Will Duggan if you get the chance" Gigglebeats

Will Duggan has been performing comedy since 2009 and since then has cemented himself as a dynamic and interesting performer in comedy clubs around the country.

Will mixes stories and gags with a cheerfully cynical view of the world.

In 2012 he was nominated for the Best MC award at the Nottingham Comedy Festival as well as reaching the final of the Frog and Bucket World Series 2012, Birmingham Comedian of the Year, Preston Comedian of the year and Hull comedian of the year. He has no loyalty to geography.

He has just completed a hugely successful run of his show at Edinburgh 2019 – Will Duggan: Class Two

Duggan has a warm and engaging manner, with his pure and enjoyable  good old-fashioned storytelling.