Tony Cowards

"The best joke writer around" GQ magazine

Tony is a highly regarded comedy writer and comedian  and is  a regular contributor to a number of programmes and publications. The amount of gags on his Twitter feed alone have earned him over 14,000 avid followers.

Tony’s jokes turn up in all sorts of places, from greetings cards to The Times newspaper, even if you’ve never heard of him there’s a good chance that you’ll have laughed at one of his gags.

Tony is a rapidfire gag merchant with an arsenal full of one-liners, for laughs-per-minute he’s a tough act to beat!

His quick wit has made him a sought after act and compere by comedy clubs and promoters across the UK and even for gigs worldwide. His likeable ‘everyman’ character and wide ranging humour (mostly clean) means he is comfortable in front of any audience.