Tom Little

‘Little’s showstopping set-piece … took an old idea and pushed it to the absolute limit. It made an immediate impact and it was no surprise that the judges felt that that he was the front runner.’  Bruce Dessau, Beyond the Joke.

Tom Little won the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2015. This is a competition where acts are nominated by promoters and agents from across the country and is described by as ‘one of the most prestigious prizes in the yearly comedy calendar.’ He was also in the final of the BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2014, which was broadcast live on Radio 2.

‘Little’s stationary presence on stage and awkwardly half-shouted delivery set him apart from various acts swimming about in the same comedy generation … He is a genius for dissecting his own jokes and conceits in general; and his dedication to a properly lengthy joke set up paid off not only at the punchline, but during the whole thing too.’ – Gigglebeats.