Roger Monkhouse

He is a gifted natural, with the years of experience to know how to handle a crowd, which goes to make him one of the consummate professionals of the stand-up circuit.


Highly regarded by his peers on the circuit - he's shaven-headed, topical, good, and nothing to do with Bob! 

Evening Standard

His laconic delivery shields an engaging persona and an enquiring mind.

The Guardian

Roger Monkhouse is one of the most original and distinctive acts on the comedy scene. A consummate stand-up who employs a deadly combination of charm and menace to exert a masterful control over any audience.

A highly original and quirky performer, Roger’s trademark stage-prowling style and curious, inimitable manner have established him as one of the hottest names on the comedy circuit.

As a seasoned corporate host he improvises freely with the crowd but is nonetheless distinguished as a comic by the intelligence of his material and his keen eye for a fine phrase, his easy observational style spiked by the signal flares of an accomplished gag writer.

Since his debut in 1990 Roger Monkhouse has been a regular performer at The Comedy Store, The Glee Clubs and all major comedy clubs around the UK and internationally.

In 2016 he was voted Best Compere by fellow comics, he is a regular guest on GB News’ Headliners, and was recently featured on Unsafe Spaces (Radio 4).

Roger is widely regarded as a master of observational comedy with routines that are unfailingly hysterical and his forte is delivering intelligent, thought-provoking material that pulls no punches and is always relevant and up-to-date.

Articulate, quick-witted and spontaneous, if something is in the news, Roger has a routine about it