Roger Monkhouse

“He is a gifted natural, with the years of experience to know how to handle a crowd, which goes to make him one of the consummate professionals of the stand-up circuit”


Roger Monkhouse was raised in Kingston upon Thames during the seventies and retains his Estuary drawl despite two decades of living in Sheffield where he has run his own clubs, The Last Laugh and The Merry Hell. Since 1990 he has performed extensively across the United Kingdom and throughout the world, headlining shows in Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrein, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Shanghai,  Phuket, Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo. Wherever there are people needing to laugh, he’ll be there.

Roger Monkhouse is a consummate stand-up who employs a deadly combination of charm and menace to exert a masterful control over any audience. As a seasoned corporate host and TV warm-up he improvises freely with the crowd but is nonetheless distinguished as a comic by the intelligence of his material and his keen eye for a fine phrase, his easy observational style spiked by the signal flares of an accomplished gag writer.