Rob Thomas


The Skinny

We’ve seen him literally make people cry with laughter – amazing.

Just Fair Laughs Comedy

Since Rob took to the stage in 2010 he has quickly developed to become one of the country’s most promising up and coming comics.

He very soon became a semi-finalist in the Laughing Horse New Act Of The Year Semi 2011, followed by becoming a finalist in both the Frog And Bucket World Series and the Hot Water Comedian Of The Year 2012 and then the Hilarity Bites New Comedian 2013.

Rob is instantly likable as a result of his down to earth demeanor and engaging tales of his own misfortune.

He is one of those yarn spinning comics who will draw you in with his shaggy dog tales, then suddenly hit you with a raft of unexpected punchlines. His funny stories always end up reducing the whole crowd to hysterics. He is also a scouser. And lovably large and larger than life!

With places in the finals of some of the most prestigious New Act Awards Rob has now established himself as a brilliant comedian working for some of the biggest names in comedy.

He has also written razor sharp material for the Roast Battles programme on Comedy Central.