Peter Brush

I love Peter Brush...what a comic!

Jason Manford

Compellingly hilarious...first-class gag original and achingly funny voice


A great comic

BBC Radio 4

A highly distinctive performer and deft writer of finely crafted jokes, Peter Brush unassumingly takes the stage with his slight bespectacled frame and scruffy hair, before consummately conquering it with an arsenal of razor sharp quirky one-liners and peerlessly original routines, all delivered in an amusingly awkward fashion.

A former BBC New Comedy Award finalist, Peter performs at clubs all over the UK and abroad. He has  written for BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, The Show What You Wrote and Newsjack and was the support act for Alexei Sayle’s 2020 show. Peter has also been Tour Support for  Jonathan Pie, Jason Manford, Fern Brady, Arthur Smith and Paul Sinha.