MC Hammersmith

The funniest rapper in the world!

Culross Fest

The world's leading freestyle rapper.

★★★★★The Advertiser

An exceptionally dazzling performance... utterly enthralling!

The Skinny

MC Hammersmith performs improvised hip hop comedy. He is a freestyle rapper – he raps spontaneously, unscripted, with absolutely no preparation. The lyrics and rhymes of his raps are 100% improvised and based entirely on crowd suggestions.

He takes stories and suggestions from audience members, then raps about them at lightning speed. Mind-blowing, hilarious, and completely different every single time.

He is the world’s leading gangsta rapper to ever emerge from the ghetto of middle class white west London.

He took up improv classes while studying for a degree in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, where he co-founded two improv troupes: Men With Coconuts in 2013 and The Spontaneous Players in 2015. Both troupes are award-winning collectives of improvisational comedians, singers and musicians, and have sold out multiple runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Since then he has performed at Fringe and Comedy festivals all around the world, headlined at major comedy clubs across the UK, and in 2018 won the Scottish Comedy Award for Best Newcomer.