Keith Carter

Keith Carter

A former Liverpool Echo comedian of the year, you might wonder what a Mancunian like me is doing booking him! But funny is funny, even if he is a scouser! And after years of playing legendary scouse anti-hero and scally “Nige” on stages across the country, Keith is now going about the job as stand up comedian in much nicer clothes but still with the same cracking set of jokes.

Jason Manford

Keith has supported many top comics such as Ricky Gervais and Johnny Vegas and has won several awards including Liverpool Echo Comedian of the Year in 2003 and North West Breakthrough Comedian of the Year in 2005.

Capital of Culture judge, Sir Jeremy Isaacs was quoted in the news as saying, ‘He helped Liverpool win the bid,’ after seeing Carter’s comic creation and Liverpool cult hero, Nige perform at the cultural bid show for the judges.

The two highlights of his showbiz career are having his one and only single played by John Peel and accidentally knocking George Martin into an ice sculpture whilst drunk. Carter is also a talented musician who plays guitar, harmonica and piano and can’t believe he is getting away with not having a proper job. He is currently waiting for someone to tap him on the shoulder to tell him it’s all over.