Joby Mageaan

Inspired daftness, proper gags and charisma to spare.


Hilarious gags and brilliantly written songs!

**** Three Weeks

A pint-sized Geordie treasure is one way to describe comedian Joby Mageean.

Unique in his ability to make an audience laugh near constantly throughout a performance, he was the deserving winner of the Leicester Square Comedian of the Year award in 2016, English Comedian of the Year finalist of the same year, and was on Chortle’s Comedian to Watch list of 2017.

To see Joby perform is nothing short of a joy, he has a near iconic warmth that radiates through a room and you often feel more that you are laughing with a friend than being performed to by a comedian.

His latest show, Shanty Prince, is an arsenal of well-constructed jokes, brilliant musical components and the special loveliness that makes Joby so likable. In this new show Mageean will take the audience on a journey as he recounts the tale of his life as a troubadour and heir to the Shanty Throne.