Janet Garner laughing

Janet Garner

Janet is the bollocks

Russell Kane

In an industry dominated by white, middle-class males, Janet is a complete breath of fresh air

Ross McGrane, Little Smash Comedy

If Eastenders was anything like this, we'd all be watching it.

Mick Ferry

With her no-nonsense, down to earth style, Janet turns preconceptions about ‘the older lady’ on their head. This woman is laugh out loud, spill your drink funny.

Her voice has been described as a beautiful reminder of a London that’s all but disappeared, but her comedy is contemporary and relevant.

Since giving stand-up comedy a go in 2014 and deciding she liked it, Janet has performed in such far-flung, exotic places as Southend on Sea, Brixton and Salford.

A force to be reckoned with, she is building up an unstoppable momentum. If you’ve already seen her…then you’ll know what the buzz is all about.

If you haven’t seen her… then do it… you’ll find out.