Hacker T Dog

Hacker is adored by millions of youngsters and quite a few adults too.

Wigan Today

The anarchic comedy force that is Hacker The Dog!

Radio Times

He's my second favourite son. I only have two.

Mrs T Dog

The multiple BAFTA award nominated Hacker T Dog is now the longest serving CBBC presenter EVER, having been at the Channel for 11 years.

Not only is he Wigan’s finest export, no one has done more for meat paste sales than this livid Border Terrier!

As well as hosting his own show Hacker Time, he has recently been on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, Mastermind and Strictly Come Dancing (despite having 2 left feet).

Hacker has recently become an influencer too by launching on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube where he has over 200K followers. He messages them all a goodnight every evening!