Freddy Quinne

Big, brash and very funny.


Uncompromising... a natural comic with near perfect timing.

The Skinny

Uniquely Northern observational humour.

Lancashire Evening Post

Award-winning comedian Freddy Quinne is a regular at many of the biggest and best comedy clubs in the country where he performs his shamelessly opinionated, no-holds-barred stand up. He is known for his frank approach and often brutal punchlines, covering everything from topical news to universal truths.

His Amazon Prime comedy special Quite The Catch has had over half a million views. He also has hours of online footage from shows across the world, with clips racking up millions of streams on Facebook and YouTube.

He has appeared at numerous festivals including Blissfields, Kendal Calling, Farmer Phil’s, G Fest, Preston’s Real Ale Festival and 2000 Trees.

He has hosted The Big Value Late Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as the prestigious AAA Showcase. It was here that he recorded his first Spotify album Live From Edinburgh Twenty Fifteen which was the first UK comedy album to be composed solely of interactions with the crowd.