Emmanuel Sonubi

"A new talent at the door of Stand-Up, his name's down and he's definitely coming in" Russell Kane
"Emmanuel is not only funny, full of joy and weightlifting protein but he's also full of punchlines & hilarious routines. See him now before he gets too big for the clubs" Pat Monahan
London based Emmanuel Sonubi has only been on the comedy circuit for what feels like five minutes and he’s already gaining a reputation as “THE one to watch out for”
Ex-bouncer and failed contestant of ‘The Worlds Strongest Man’ Emmanuel was born and bred in the East End of London where he extracts most of his hilarious interactions with the vibrant cockneys and reprobates he has encountered. Now a father of two the soon to be headliner has a wealth of material of playing pranks with his kids as well as his awful parenting skills.