Debra Jane Appelby

"Debra-Jane has that magical spontaneous quality to her comedy, delivering piss funny material with all the charisma of a Peter Kay. She has true funny bones and oozes laughs from her every line and her every look - one to keep a close eye on in our never ending search for comedy stars of tomorrow" Shane Allen, Commissioning Editor of Comedy at Channel 4

 A no-nonsense Yorkshire lass who has to be one of the funniest female comedians around today. Debra is hilariously blunt and unapologetic in her approach from the offset.

In a class of her own when it comes to improvising and interacting with an audience – razor sharp, never misses a beat.

Her brusque straightforwardness in her persona gives the sometimes sarcastic, sometimes surreal social commentary she delivers a certain brutality that makes it all the more funny.  Simply wonderful..