Dave Williams

Imaginative and witty, he has the audiences eating out of his hands

Funhouse Comedy

Inspired one-liners punctuated with surreal nonsense.

The Scotsman

A fine, original comic mind…always surprising the audience with his wit.

Manchester Evening News

Dave Williams is a top quality circuit comedian whose crisp one-liners and surreal nonsense have earned him headline slots at some of the countries most prestigious comedy clubs.

Dave has been a full-time comedian since 1998 and while he hasn’t become famous, nor has he starved to death, so he must be OK at this!

He has performed in several countries. In Australia he has headlined the Sydney Comedy Store and appeared at clubs in Melbourne and Brisbane. He has also played in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha and has performed in Cyprus for soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

His solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe combined stand-up and character comedy and were a smash hit. The first was described as “a fantastic solo Fringe debut” by The List. The follow-up was reviewed as “a wonderful piece” and included guest interviews with Ross Noble, Adam Bloom, Adam Hills and many others.

His subsequent show 24-Hour Latte People featured in the Manchester Comedy Festival and his writing was described as having “shades of Alan Bennett” by the BBC which is a huge compliment.

Dave has also been a contributor to Radio 4 Extra’s topical comedy show Newsjack.

In 2014 and 2020 Dave supported Tom Stade on tour, including the Leicester Square Theatre shows that were recorded for Tom’s live DVD.