Damian Kingsley

Damian did his first few stand up spots when he was living in Tokyo and he moved back to the UK to work on the comedy circuit in 2009. After reaching the finals of several prestigious new act competitions from 2009 -2012, he has been gigging regularly ever since. He works for clubs such as Komedia, The Bearcat, The Kings Head, The Stand, Jongleurs, Comedy Café and Up the Creek. He mixes dry observations with jokes and storytelling. In 2016, he went on a 120 day penniless stand up tour (he had no money or transport) from Land’s End to the Edinburgh Fringe, raising over £21,0000 for Shelter, the homeless charity. The tour culminated in his debut fringe show, Knock Knock, which received four star reviews and was well received by critics and audiences alike. Damian is currently writing a book and a storytelling show about his experiences on the penniless tour.