Cokey Falkow

Cokey Falkow is an actor, writer, director and comedian. Raised in South Africa, he escaped the military and became a slate roofer in his 20-s in Australia. His roofing boss told him to try acting and comedy. He did so and never looked back. Cokey has lived in Australia, the US and the UK.After a try out at a club Cokey established himself as one of South Africa’s edgier stand-up acts. Appearing at a wide variety of clubs and 8 international comedy festivals he gathered a cult following. This led to 3 national one-man tours for which Cokey received critical acclaim at The South African National Arts Festival.As his stand-up progressed so too did Cokey’s television career. After a number of appearances on local soaps and sitcoms he went on to host ‘Big City,’ a magazine style, primetime show for which Cokey won a best presenting award(Avanti Award- SA’s equivalent of an Emmy). He also picked up award nominations for co-writing and starring in the country’s cult late nite hit comedy sketch program: “the Pure Monate Show,” including ‘Best Ensemble Cast’ and ‘Best Writing in a Comedy Series’.He is best known internationally for his role as El Aleman in Robert Rodriguez and Robert Orci’s Matador and the Pirate Captain in the premiere of Hawaii Five O season 6. He is about to appear in the Discovery series “the Chameleon” as well as Penny Dreadful Season3. Cokey currently lives between Los Angeles and Manchester, UK. His latest filmwork on  “All is Vanity ” as well as “Body High” are gaining attention around the world.