Cokey Falkow

Absolutely bloody hysterical.

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Comedy doesn’t get better than this!

The Cape Times

The thinking man’s comic.

Elle magazine

As seen on Sick Of It with Karl Pilkington (Sky), City and the City (BBC) and Penny Dreadful (Sky/Showtime); Cokey Falkow also has a cult following on the stand-up circuit. Since starting in the late 90s, Cokey established himself as one of South Africa’s edgier stand-up acts.

Appearing at a wide variety of clubs and numerous International Comedy Festivals, led to 3 one-man tours, for which Cokey received critical acclaim at Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

As his stand-up progressed so too did Cokey’s television career. He had a number of appearances on soaps and sitcoms before he became host of Big City, a primetime show for which he won the South African equivalent of an Emmy/BAFTA.

In 2008 he was nominated as best supporting actor in a feature film for his role as Alfonso the ginger albino serial killer in quirky South African comedy Big Fellas.

After 6 years in the US, where he played The Comedy Store regularly and was well known on the improv circuit, Cokey moved from LA to the UK in late 2014 and has been firmly establishing himself here too.