Chris Cairns

Liverpool's very own Big Yin!

Liverpool Echo

A true star waiting to shine.

Live Magazine

A funny man who is going to the top.

Liverpool Echo

After winning the Eric Morecambe Comedian of the Year 2002 and being voted Comedian of the Year at the Liverpool Echo Arts Awards 2003, Chris has gained a reputation for being able to handle the toughest of rooms with his sharp put downs and a fine eye for a cutting remark. He is known all over the country as a friend to the audience but a deadly foe to the heckler, and has grown into a comedian hugely admired by audiences and peers both in his native Liverpool and around the country.

Chris has bags of charm and a natural enthusiasm which makes him irresistible to audiences and while not looking very quick on his feet, he more than makes up for it with his speed of thought. His spontaneity and improvisational skills have created a demand for him not only as a compere but also as a strong and vastly experienced headline act.

He’s even done panto with John Bishop and enjoyed successful tours of Dubai, Spain and Holland.